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          Refractories for steelmaking

          • Refining slag

            Refining slag series are important material which applicable to the ladle refining process, our refining slag series products include premelting refining slag, sintering refining slagsynthetic refining slag etc.

          • Stuffing sand

            Stuffing sand-This kind of chromium contained diversion sand is usedladle nozzle, the main chemical components are Cr2O3,SiO2,Al2O3C.

          • Covering powder

            Our company has developedmanufactured a series of hollow grained covering powder products combining with production demands of various types of steel to meet the continuous casting process.

          • Casting mold flux

            Casting mold flux (also known as “casting powder”) is the heart of continuous casting, which plays a key rolecontinuous casting process. Excellent mold flux performance could greatly improve surface quality of casting blankcasting speed.

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