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          Company Profile

          shengiron refractories plant

          Luoyang Sheng Iron Refractories Co.,Ltd. is a producer of monolithic refractory products and metallurgy auxiliary materials. More than 10 years, ShengIron provide quality products and project services for our clients within the iron, steel and non-ferrous industries. With our strong and independent technical team, ShengIron Refractories has the appropriate knowledge in order to develop and further optimize the most advanced and reliable solution for our customers.

          Our plant is located in Luoyang city, with rich mineral resources for refractory, here is also known as a refractory capital, with world class research institute for refractories. We adopt scientific production process and take strictly measures according to ISO9001 quality management system. As one of the key municipal refractory enterprises, our annual capacity for monolithic refractories, precast products and metallurgy auxiliaries are 80,000 mts, 30,000mts and 50,000 mts respectively. Our anhydrous tap hole clay, castables for iron runner, ramming mass and etc. are well accepted by iron making plants both at home and abroad.

          We truly believe that our quality system will enable us to provide our customer additional added value with our products and services. In addition, our professional technical team offers technical consultant and on-site supports for the applications to get better performance. Also, we set up long term cooperation with relevant renowned research institutes and universities to better improve our products.

          We persevere in the principles “take quality as root and honest operation’’. Responsible for the community, we endeavor ourselves to develop refractory technologies and create good social benefits.

          shengiron refractories

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          Phone/Fax: 0086 379 69528485
          Email: info@sirefractories.com
          Address:Pengbei Industrial Zone, Yichuan County, 471311, Luoyang City,China
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